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  • Beauty in the Time of Covid-19

    How do we practice self-care during a pandemic?

    I can just see the fall issue of Vogue now:

    How to Make Your Eyes Pop While Wearing a Mask

    Coping with Corona – The Best Anti-Aging Tips and Tricks to Get Out of This Shit Storm Gorgeous!

    Quiz Alert! Couples: Can you make it through Quarantine? Six ways to spice it up if the answer is yes!

    Current self-care isn’t about getting a Mani-Pedi or a much needed massage. It isn’t playing up the eyes because that’s all we’re going to see for a while. These days, self-care is wiping down the groceries, and it’s dreaming about getting our hands on some Clorox wipes. It’s checking in with friends and family. It’s taking a daily walk with a mask on and washing our hands incessantly. It’s maybe taking a shower, but who are we kidding? Probably not.

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  • Book Review

    Stand-up comedian and beauty expert, Michaels presents a witty, stylish makeup and skin care guide intended for those who love to scour social media for the latest beauty videos or love spending their day off browsing the aisles in Sephora.

    Divided into short chapters, the narrative consists of the author’s quirky encounters with clients as she shares wild and funny stories from her years of working as a makeup artist along with tips on skin care and beauty regime. Each chapter concludes with one or two makeup tips and tricks. The accompanying illustrations are pleasing to eyes.

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  • We can’t “New Year, New Me” every minute can we?

    Hi Friends!

    I hope you’re feeling the hum in the air with the start of the New Year. I know I am.

    I know there are plenty of things to be unsure about; politics for one and a continent on fire but for a few minutes, I hope to erase alllll the negativity and at least help you become the prettiest version of yourself or let you know what I’m using at the moment to inspire some of your beauty practices. So, at least there’s one positive.

    Here’s what I’m up to.

    My book just launched November 1st!

    For those of you have bought a copy, thank you so much and don’t forget to tag me in your posts and reviews because believe it or not it really helps spread the word.

    So, now I’m deciding which route I’d like to go. Maybe you can help? Should I do a Make Me Pretty, Make Me Laugh podcast? Or a traveling book/comedy shows with makeup tips? Should I just become a stripper? These are the things that are floating through my brain. Hourly.

    When I’m not contemplating my existence I’m usually playing with all my beauty products. And what I’m into right now is taking time to relax. I mean, we can’t “New Year, New Me” every minute can we?

    So, I want to really relax.

    I’m a bath taker. Mainly because I’m lazy and I like to lay down a lot. I love bubble baths, bath bombs, bath oils, elixirs, crystals, candles, magic spells, and put a full moon in there and I’m howling in delight.

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  • Welcome to my site!

    Hi, I’m Jeremy Beth Michaels. I’m a female comedian and beauty expert in living in Los Angeles. I have been doing stand up and working in the beauty industry for over fifteen years.

    And I’m so excited that my book Make Me Pretty, Make Me Laugh was released on November 1st of this year. Wow! I did it.

    Writing a book is no joke. We went through about four different iterations over the last five years before it became what it is now. As a collection of funny stories and makeup tips, I like to call it my little beauty vignettes.

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